Twishr | Keep the personal connect when everything is online

Keep the personal connect when everything is online

Pre COVID, if you've been running a children's activity center, you know how important it was to talk to parents after pickup and one-off conversations that truly make your business so much more than just a business. You could feel the lives that you were touching through your skill and educating the rest of the community. 

Now, when you had to move everything online - it can be really difficult to stay connected. Wha

What do you do when you cannot see them in person, cannot read their expressions online, and cannot work with them to hone their skills and hug them when they do the best flips of their lives. 

You go online! 

We created Twishr with one thing in mind - connecting people when they cannot talk or meet in person. Twishr is not Zoom. Twishr helps you connect before and after the Zoom. Twishr keeps your customers engaged to help you stay afloat in these times, and scale.