Support & FAQs


What is Twishr?

Twishr is a Community of Parents and Early Learning Activity Centers. We provide a Software as a Service application for Activity Centers to manage their schedules, rosters, students, classrooms and invoices through the Admin Panel. We also enable them to connect with the families in the community that they serve. In addition, we also allow the families to connect with each other through the Families App.

Why Twishr?

When we were looking for activities for our child, we realized how much the entire process was broken. Google tells you how many dance schools are nearby, but does not tell you which one is good for your precious little one. How would you know which one is the right one? You would need to talk to someone who goes there. Hmm, how do you find someone? How would you even know if the chosen dance school has open slots or not?

We decided to fix this by creating Twishr. Twishr lets you know how many people go to your chosen dance school. It lets you connect with them 1:1 and find out whether that school is the right one for your child. You carpool some day, and find out they have hobbies in common. So you drop your children and catch up over coffee. You see, the possibilities just open up.

What about Privacy?

We are taking all necessary steps including taking your consent before you become discoverable in the search results or even before anyone in the community can connect with you 1:1. We encrypt all Personally Identifiable Data. We do not store your payment instrument such as Credit Card or Checking Account Details. These are to minimize impact if and when there is a data breach. You can read more about our Privacy Policy

How much does it cost?

The Family App is free to use. We are a subscription based SaaS service to Activity Providers, our costs are updated in our Pricing section on the Home Page


Why does Twishr need my business license?

This is relevant to Providers only. We validate the business license manually with our sources to ensure you are the legitimate business that you claim to be. You do not want to have someone else claim your business and take away your share of internet traffic.

If I have multiple users that need to be ported into Twishr, how would I do that?

Twishr supports data uploads via Excel. If your current tool supports extracting the data out into Excel, we can get that added in. Drop us a note here and we can help you onboard.

Are there any integrations with other tools in the pipeline?

Yes, Twishr is a Software as a Solution (SaaS) product. We have integrations with industry tools such as Google Maps, Zoom, Twillio among others. In addition, we will always be creating continuous integrations with other products that will improve the experience of our customers. If you have a pressing need for an integration that does not yet exist, drop us a line here

Managing Activities

Why does Twishr need so many Activities?

For all of our customers, we are solving a problem that Google does not solve. Through the Activities, we are improving three things. One is discoverability or the ability to be discovered by a customer or potential customer looking for your services. Needless, to say, that improves your bottomline when more people know and understand better what your services are.

Two is bookability or the ability to book a particular activity on its own. This aids in improving your customer’s ability to make the reservation and payment themselves. You spend less time fielding phone calls and scheduling conflicts.

And three is the shareability or the ability to share a particular activity on their social media profile or with their friends. When we have friends joining their friends in class, it improves retention.

I have a large number of Activities. How do we get them onboarded?

Twishr supports data uploads via Excel. If your current tool allows exporting them into Excel, or you have the activities published somewhere on your website, please drop us a line here and we can take care of it.

My coach called in sick today. I have a substitute coach or I can sub the class myself. How would I do that?

Go to the Activity, select Edit and look for where the coach is. Add yourself or your substitute as the new coach and Save.

My coach called in sick today, and I have to cancel today’s class. How would I do that?

Go to the Activity, and it will show you the next instance of that class. Right next to that, there is a button for cancelling that particular class. Once you cancel the particular class, all the parents associated with that class with get a notification that the class has been cancelled. They can go ahead and schedule a make up class for themselves.

My coach quit and I need to cancel an activity. How would I do that? What would happen to the students that were enrolled?

That’s an unfortunate situation. You can edit the Activity and click Unpublish. Unpublish removes the Activity from getting served in search results. It also sends a notification to the parents that the class will no longer be held. They will be asked to search for another class that suits their timing going forward. You will be able to see these notifications in the Inbox section of your portal

I want to send a notification to all the parents of a particular activity. How would I do that?

You would go to the particular Activity, and click on Chat. That opens up the group chat with the entire group. You can make announcements to everyone like Graduation is coming up, or a Recital is coming up.

How do parents request Make Up classes?

When someone misses a class, they select the dates when they would miss the class. If it is a “drop-in” activity, they can choose another day of the week when they are available and make the transaction themselves. If, this is a level specific activity, they will need to select the dates when they are going to miss class, and then let you know when they are available next. This request comes to you for action, and you will need to select the other levels in which they can join and complete the make up class.

How should I handle Make Up classes?

If the class they missed have specific levels, you may need to accommodate them into a different level for one day. You get a notification they requested a make up class. You will check the class availability and complete the request. They will get to know if their request was actioned on.